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Effectively training our nation’s military and civil servants takes skill, dedication, flexibility and adaptability. TATE employees have extensive experience in both the operational and training aspects of PR, including real-world experience in the successful resolution of critical isolating situations.

Our training is not hypothetical – it is based on real world experience and case studies. And our full suite of courses range from web-based training to practical field exercises and simulations.

Our unique full spectrum approach to personnel recovery makes TATE the premier provider of personal recovery services:

  • First, we conduct comprehensive assessments of each client’s organization to determine the specific risks and vulnerabilities that personnel serving overseas are likely to face that could negatively impact operations in high-risk areas of the world.
  • Second, we establish a training program tailored to our clients’ most valuable asset – their personnel, and we initiate a personnel recovery training program that incorporates the five primary PR tasks – report, locate, support, recover and reintegrate.
  • Finally, we assist in the implementation of a PR architecture within the client organization, promoting a rapid response capability for any scenario, wherever it may occur.

From planning to resolution, TATE is a trusted agent in all aspects of personnel recovery.